Bear Valley Organics

Sustainability. Wellness. Education.

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Bear Valley Organics

Sustainability. Wellness. Education.

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We Grow Health

We’re an 117-acre organic farm dedicated to sustainability and mind/body wellness. We grow organic avocados, guavas, lemons, mangos, figs, with much more to come. We also raise special varieties of koi and grow succulents, agave, specialty flowers, which include protea and wax flowers.

Our farm is unlike anywhere else on earth. Goats and ponies are our lawnmowers. Wild turkeys and peacocks crow in the distance. Our farm stretches east to west, soaking up the sun and offering gleaming views of Lake Wohlford from the top of the property.

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Meet Our Farm Family

Hi! We’re Maxon and Cora, the people behind Bear Valley Organics. Our passion for holistic nutrition, sustainability, and education have led us to turn this organic farm in Escondido, CA into a center for wellness. We hope to educate our community through our own products, educational classes on farming, yoga, and nutrition, as well as wellness retreats. Take a look around – we are excited you’re here!

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Sustainable Organic Farm & Holistic Wellness Retreat in Escondido

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Putting Resources in Your Hands to Put Health in Your Basket

Local Organic Farms In Escondido - Wellness WorkshopsAt Bear Valley Organics, we are more than just a farm. We are an organization dedicated to growing sustainable produce, encouraging wellness, and educating our community. We’ll be hosting mind/body wellness retreats in the future, with a focus on natural nutrition, yoga, and meditation. Through our farm, you can learn how to use the food available to you in a beneficial way, and how that food contributes to your overall wellness.

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We’re located near Lake Wohlford in the secluded Bear Valley. Bear Valley is named because the largest California Grizzly Bear in history, weighing 2,200 pounds, was captured and killed in this area in 1866 by early California settlers. Lake Wohlford is now a favorite local fishing hole, hosting rainbow trout, catfish, and more. Check their stocking schedule here, and learn more about the legend of the great bear here.