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Words From the Farm

October Newsletter: Celebrating Life & Growth on the Farm

The change of season here in Southern California has a more subtle feel than our home states of Connecticut and South Dakota. There’s no frigid wind, but a nice cool evening breeze. No rainy days but we love the arrival of morning dew. Adjusting to living and working on the farm has allowed us to become aware of the impact these different weather experiences have on our crops and our health. Even though we enjoy our morning dew, as the sun strengthens we notice slightly dry air forcing us to pay diligent attention to the hydration health of our plants & farmers!

I have compiled ideas that were helpful while I do my best to keep my body hydrated! Check out our Hydration Hacks article featuring these tips and the importance of hydration for overall health!

The Wellness Center at Bear Valley Organics came alive this month. Our events brought together a beautiful community collaborating with the intent of connection, empowerment, and knowledge.

Save the Date for our Fall Farm event on November 10th. We are bringing out local wellness vendors and in-season farm offerings.

Enjoy some snapshots of our September highlights!