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Words From the Farm

June Newsletter: Happy June from Bear Valley Organics!

Happy June! We enjoy taking the time to step back, evaluate the month passed, determine the focus for the coming month, and we love sharing it all with you. Time is flying by and we are settling in more with each passing month. We had a lot of excitement & organization this past month.

Here is a snippet of the past month…

Farm Visitors

There were lots of visitors to the farm that shared their amazing energy with us.

Moon Circle: Participants enjoyed an intimate, relaxing, and connective evening. We snuck in a hike just as the sun was saying good night, meditated under the starry sky, & held an emotional sharing circle as we shared support for one another and embraced the healing powers of nature’s beauty encompassing us.

Wellness Day & 1 Year Celebration: Our first annual event was a hit! We held a day to celebrate health, chasing your dreams & living with passion. The kids had a blast meeting the chickens, petting the goats, walking the pups, gazing at koi, and bewildered at how large and loud bullfrogs can be! Everyone was having such a wonderful time connecting, they didn’t want to go home! It was a great way to end the weekend and celebrate one brave year.

More Growth!

Blueberries were planted, along with Meyer Lemons, Moringa, and Banana trees. Oh boy, this sounds like our favorite breakfast!

Timmy the Sulcata Tortoise at Bear Valley Organics

We added a farm family member, a perfectly sweet Sulcata Tortoise, named Timmy! He was in need of a home and found the farm to be a beautiful match. Catch Timmy in action only if you can, as he sleeps sometimes up to 19 hours a day! No wonder he lives upwards of 80 years! Visiting with Timmy helps to remember the importance of taking life a little slower and more aware.

Wellness Watch

The center is coming together and designing it has taken our creativity to another level. We cannot wait for its completion and the center to come alive!

We are hosting a number of wonderful events this June: Yoga at the Koi Pond, Mexican Night on the Farm, Strawberry Moon Circle, & Family Farm Day. Please be sure to RSVP as soon as you can that way we can ensure to have enough food for everyone!

Beat “June Gloom” with Good Mood Foods!

I wanted to share some Good Mood Foods to keep your energy & happiness elevated during the impending June Gloom.


A number 1 tip is to stay as hydrated as possible. This entails more than consciously drinking water all day, you can increase your hydration by consuming foods more filled with water, like cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, tomatoes, & zucchinis. Mostly all fruits & vegetables. A great tip is to brew herbal teas and drink through out the day.

Choosing the Right Foods

Keep happy by feeding your belly right. Numerous scientific studies have proven the connection between your gut & brain. 95% of our serotonin – a neurotransmitter that regulates appetite, mood, relaxation, & sleep – is produced by cells in the gut. Moreover, these cells’ health rely on the factors of the bacteria found in our bellies. Here are a few tips on how to keep your gut in check:

  • Eat probiotic rich foods. These include fermented or pickled vegetables, kombuchas or fermented teas, raw yogurt-like coconut.
  • Feed your gut bugs. Believe it or not, we host more bacteria cells than human cells. Just like us these bugs get hungry and to keep a desirable diverse bacteria population you must feed it wisely. With lots of fiber rich oliogliosaccharides, a type of carbohydrate that fuels the gut bugs. Food with this type of fiber include, Jerusalem artichoke, oats, bananas, apples, asparagus, & onions.
  • Walking in nature has been shown to positively affect the way humans handle stress. We are so blessed to be living in a state where the sun shines majority of the day. Make an effort to stroll around the block and breathe in the fresh air and admire the sun shining down.
  • Eating with community. This tip comes to us from the Blue Zones for Happiness findings. The Blue Zone’s conduct research on cultures with traditions that create the world’s highest levels of happiness. Far and wide this factor in happiness was overlapping into most of the countries studied. When we come together and surround ourselves with love we tend to eat slower, eat less, and enjoy the meal more. Who would be happier if meal times could be a happy party every night, and forget about the guilt and stress that can become a meal.

We can apply this tip to our everyday by seeking out an outdoor lunch time group to get some mood-boosting Vitamin D, and happiness enhancing dose of community! Be sure to fill your sack with healthy, fiber-rich, hydrating, vegetables and raw fermented teas! The perfect way to keep your cool in June!

Recipe Corner: Pickled Veggies

We wanted to share a recipe that we had much interest in. We love pickled foods, and often have a jar or two fermenting away on our kitchen counter. Hop over to our Recipes page to read a quick guide to pickled vegetables.