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In Southern California the air here can get very dry. Since moving I have realized the importance water consumption has on my overall health and specifically energy levels, skin, and digestion.  I have found a few hacks that have helped me stay hydrated during these dry times. It’s funny to say, but water can be more versatile than you think!

1. I start my hydration routine the night before with a water bottle filled by my bedside. All night our bodies are working to repair and many of these processes require enough water. Without sufficient water reserves our bodies won’t repair fully or properly, leading us to feel fatigued, brain fog, and even sore. Adding 16-32oz of water first in the morning is a great way to start the day.

If you are avoiding coffee but still looking for a healthy energy boost, I welcome you to try my favorite morning beverage, wheatgrass lemon water! I heat up water to just before boiling, pour in your favorite morning mug and add 1 tbsp of wheatgrass powder and half of a freshly juiced lemon. The wheatgrass is super energizing without the “crash” and brings a host of health benefits. It provides the energy needed as I avoid caffeine most days.

2. Drink herbal teas & infused water during the day. This tip is great for boosting the flavor and benefits of water! Some of my favorite herbal infusions are ginger, raspberry, & chamomile!

3. Get your water from fruit & vegetable sources! Most plants are made of mostly water. Fruits like grapefruit & vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and mushrooms are all 90% water or more! Another reason to fill up on those plants!

4. Avoid high processed snack foods including chips, crackers, processed deli meats, and sugar laden granola bars. Not only do they offer little to no water, but they are additionally dehydrating as they are filled with chemicals and processed salts that your body will need to rid itself of by using water!

Tip: if you happen to indulge in these types of foods, add an extra glass of water to help your body negate any effects these foods might have.

5. Check your electrolytes. If you sweat regularly you may need to replenish your stores of certain minerals like sodium, magnesium, & potassium. It is always best to get these from food. However, if you are feeling an immediate need, try adding a tsp of Himalayan Pink Salt to your morning jug of H2O for a quick boost.

One of the greatest experiences in keeping me hydrated has been noting how great I feel when I am hydrated!

I follow the above tips and do my best to stay healthy & hydrated. I hope these help you stay energized, focus, & happy, too!